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Beat It !

This book will help you to program your own realistic drum and percussion patterns. Not only can you read about a pattern, or see it in a grid - but, using the MIDI files on the ccompanying disk, you can hear what it sounds like as well. If you use a MIDI sequencer and know how to access its edit facilities, you'll learn even more about phrasing and dynamics.

Beat It !


The patterns and the files on disk are loosely grouped into styles like
50s and 60s, Pop, Soul and Dance, Rock and R&B, and Jazz and
World Rhythms, which include patterns like Reggae, Soca, Calypso
and Latin. These styles are worth studying as they continue to
influence mainstream Rock, Soul, Dance and other music in a big

You can also use the files to rehearse or jam along to, or to
incorporate into your own demo songs or ideas.


Free disk with over 50 MIDI files

Over 150 different drum patterns 

Covers a wide range of musical styles

Rock, RnB, Jazz, World Rhythms, Funk, Dance

Program drum and percussion patterns



Count in
50s, 60s and pop
Dance and soul
Jazz and world rhythms
Rock and R&B
GM drum map
GM program change numbers
Suggested listening


Press reviews

'Dead simple to use ... I don't understand why no-one did it sooner'
DJ Magazine 24 Oct 1997