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Fast Guide to Cubase VST

There's not much you can't do with Cubase VST - but how many users really achieve full mastery over the program? In this highly practical and creative book you will discover a wealth of tips and tricks to help you become more creative and more productive.

Fast Guide to Cubase VST


The manual explains how VST works but this book shows you how to use it! You'll find tips on optimising your computer system, improving your grooves, audio and MIDI quantisation, using dynamic events, arranging, recording, synchronisation, using the editors, mixing, fader automation, audio processing, using audio effects, EQ, troubleshooting, and much, much more...

An essential book for all Cubase VST users who want to get the most out of this powerful program. Ian Waugh is one of the UK's leading hi tech authors and specialises in the field of computers and music. He has written several books and albums and contributes regularly to leading music and computer magazines.


  • For PC and Mac versions
  • Installation and setting up
  • MIDI and audio features of Cubase VST
  • Hands on projects
  • Steinberg and third party plug-ins
  • Time saving short cuts


The Fast Guide to Cubase VST provides the essential information for quickly getting into Steinberg's Cubase VST MIDI sequencing and audio recording package. The book covers all the important aspects of the program including audio and MIDI recording and 'virtual studio technology'.

Installation and setting up of the program are explained, and detailed information on how to record, edit, process and mix digital audio and how to use EQ and effects are all featured. A
number of Steinberg and third party plug-in's are explored, and the book shows how to get the best from processing techniques such as compression, gating and limiting. The software is also tested with a range of PC audio cards.

Projects and tutorials throughout the book describe Cubase VST in a number of recording and processing roles, providing valuable
insights into how best to use the program for specific tasks.

The Fast Guide to Cubase VST is the ideal companion for all users of the software, from the home sound recordist / musician to the audio professional.

Installing and setting up
The Arrange window
Key, List and Drum edit
Score edit
Logical edit
The Master Track
The MIDI Effect Processor
The Audio editor
The Wave editor
The Audio pool
EQ and effects
Compression and gating
Audio processing techniques
Steinberg Spectral Design
Waves Native Power Pack
Waves AudioTrack plug-in
Choosing a PC audio card
PC hardware.