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Music on the Internet

The Internet is the largest music store, encyclopedia and software library in the world. In fact, it is the world! For musicians it's a treasure trove packed with information, news, software, sounds and music files. Through it you can contact the most knowledgeable people in the music business ... if you know where to look.

Music on the Internet


In this practical, easy-to-read and information-packed book, Ian Waugh shows musicians exactly where to look and demonstrates how they can use the Internet to:

* Get free music software and commercial demos
* Get updates for their existing software
* Find out about new products before details appear in the press
* Get help from manufacturers, developers and fellow musicians

In clear, jargon-free terms it explains:

* All about the World Wide Web
* About Web browsers
* All about Web addresses - URLs
* How to use Newsgroups and Mailing lists
* How to Power Search the Web like a pro
* How be get automatic notification when a site has been updated
* The benefits of on-line commercial services
* The importance of high speed Net connections
* Which modem you really need
* How to download software

Make the most of your Internet access with this great new book!

about the author

Ian Waugh - one of the UK's leading hi tech writers, specialising in computers and music. He composes music for video games, writes music hardware and software manuals and has written several books and albums. He contributes regularly to several leading music and computer magazines.


The book also contains the Web addresses of over 700 sites  you
can find what you want quickly and without delay. These include music information, on-line magazines, music hardware manufacturers, music software developers, shareware, sound files, music retailers, music publishers, record companies, copyright information, music organisations, sites about composition, artists and user groups.

If you're already on-line, this book will show you how to make the most of your Internet access. If you're not on-line - it will show why you ought to be!


"Everything you could wish to know is here ... seek out this book"
Future Music Dec 1998.

"... just the shortcut you need... this book will give you a head start"
Sound on Sound Nov 1998.