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Making Music with Emagic Logic Audio

This book introduces all the features of Emagic Logic Audio, but never loses sight of your objective – using the program to make great music.

Emagic Logic Audio is considered to be a 'complicated' program, but, by taking a step by step 'logical' approach, the book makes it easy to use the program’s features to the full. It describes the installation of the program on Macs and PCs, gives a practical introduction to setting up and using Logic, and it leads you through your first recording.

It describes how to use the Arrange page, the Event list editor, the Matrix, Audio and Hyper editors, and how to use the Score editor to print out your music.

Making Music with Emagic Logic Audio
€ 29.95



There are sections on audio and MIDI recording and editing, mixing, virtual instruments, mastering, plug-ins and audio processing.

There is an invaluable overview of all the the menus in Logic, choosing and using a computer and audio interface for Logic, as well as lists of key commands and shortcuts. In short it's all you need to get up and running with Emagic Logic Audio!



Making Music with Emagic Logic Audio

by Stephen Bennett

* 244 x 172 mm
* 314 pages ISBN 1870775651
* For PC and Mac
* Installation and setting up * Using the editors
* MIDI recording
* Recording audio
* Audio editing
* Plug-ins
* User tips and tricks

About the author

Stephen Bennett is a composer and post production engineer who uses Logic every day for many tasks in the studio. He wishes, like many others, that a Fast Guide to Emagic Logic had been available when he first ripped open the shrinkwrapped box with his anticipant fingers!

Contents Introduction. The Environment. Screensets. Mac installation. Windows installation. Hardware installation. Booting Logic for the first time. The Autoload song. Control your MIDI devices. Logic and audio mixing. Audio interfaces. Recording audio and MIDI. Using Logic. Your first screenset. Saving songs. Opening a song. Your first recordings. Recording modes. Playing back the recording. Working with tracks. Working with sequences. Matrix editor. Event List editor. Audio editor. Logic and synchronisation. Groove. Quantization in Logic. Transforming MIDI events. Recording audio and MIDI. The audio editor. Audio recording, playback and mixing. Introduction. Mixing. Plug-ins. Virtual instruments. Mastering your recordings. The Score editor. The Environment. The Arrange page. The Event list editor. The Matrix editor. The Audio editor. Audio plug-ins. The Transport bar. The Hyper editor. Key commands. Using computer video files in Logic. Logic and OMS. Using SysEx to store the patches on your MIDI devices in a Logic song. Logic menus. Key commands. Audio editor. Preferences and song settings. Song settings. Glossary. Logic and the Internet