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Bits of Expressive Guitar

Audio CD - Mixed Mode AKAI CD-ROM + Audio

The best sounding collection of riffs, solos, chords in a variety of music styles we have come across. From Heavy Metal to Acid Jazz - you won’t find a better and so useful guitar CD anywhere! No self-indulgent guitarist here - quality technique & musical phrases.


Bits of Expressive Guitar


Containing up to 300MB guitar samples: licks, riffs, leads, rhythm, flageolettes, gimmicks in different styles like Rock, Pop, Funk, Jazz, Blues on electric guitar & 12 string guitar. All samples are recorded digital dry and also added with digital effects as Chorus, Flanger, etc.

On this CD you will find the variety to be able to move in and out from a heavy Rock riff into a funky rhythm, into a jazzy or bluesy tune. First you can prelisten most of the samples on your CD-Player before you dicide to load them into your sampler, because it's Mixed-Mode CD-ROM! Enjoy.

Things to know

Audio: Starts at track 2. All samples are in stereo. On left side is the dry sample and on right the same sample with effect. Akai S1000/1100: All samples are recorded 44.1 khz mono. All Program-names are identical to Sample-names. When you choose to load an Entire Volume, you can also set the effect button (on S1100) to on, for additional reverb on the Prg/Sample. So there are three ways to listen:

  1. Volume = dry
  2. Volume = with digital effect recorded
  3. Volume = with digital effect and additional reverb(only S1100)